In December 2011 I was invited to deliver an 18 min. JDOV talk at the Limmud UK conference, modeled after the Ted Talks. Well, here it is: Bible, Interrupted – my five principles for transmitting sacred legacy.

Where and when we choose to gather and tell our stories matters just as much as what stories we choose to tell and how we choose to transmit them.

Stories are the most important human resource. The stories we tell ourselves about who we are and the ways we transmit these stories to each other guide our values and shape our identity.

I am a Jewish storyteller and this is my story – an ancient tale about a simple method for saving the world through the better telling the greatest story ever told.

JDOV invites interesting and creative thinkers to give “the Jewish talk of their life.”  We seek to create a community inspired by what the Jewish people have to offer the world.