Storahtelling™, Inc., founded in 1999 by Amichai Lau-Lavie,  is a unique method integrating Judaism’s oldest form of sacred storytelling with contemporary stagecraft.  By using innovative leadership training programs and theatrical performances, Storahtelling makes ancient stories and traditions accessible for new generations, advancing Judaic literacy and raising social consciousness.

Storahtelling started off as a ritual theater company, by 2007 it grew to include a training institute, focusing on its signature pedagogy, The Maven Method™.

The Maven Method draws from the ancient tradition of Torah reading alternating with an interpretive translation in the local language. Trained Storahtelling Mavens transform Scripture into script, bringing sacred narratives front and center as personally and collectively meaningful conversations.

In 2012 the Storahtelling company of artists, led by Lau-Lavie created the Lab/Shul community, an artist driven, everybody-friendly congregation with the Storahtelling methodology core to its vision and unique approach to ritual and spiritual life. Through Lab/Shul the Storahtelling approach continues to develop, focusing on the following three areas:

  • Maven Training: Annual training programs for clergy, educators and artists who become Mavens in their local communities.
  • Storah Service: Ongoing interactive presentations of the Torah Service utilizing the Maven Method
  • Raising the Bar: A program that reclaims and reshapes the B Mitzvah experience for the 21st century by utilizing the Maven Method.