The Final 5 Words from the “Toracle”

“Today is the official post High Holy Day season. It’s been a packed two months of prepping and praying, blogging and singing; conversations about silence and activism, love and re:love, our role in public and private racism, and what it means to have the chance to restart our lives, again, for good. Thank you all for showing up, for sharing feedback, for generously loving and supporting us in so many ways. Our survey and pledge lines are still open…”

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Beit Midrash Israeli

Beit Midrash Israeli November 16, 2016 @ 8:00pm RSVP for Location Facilitated by Rabbi Amichai, Beit Midrash Israeli is a community led initiative that brings together Israelis monthly who wish to explore Jewish, Israeli and other text through a modern, secular view. Please note, this session is facilitated in Hebrew. RSVP Here Upcoming Dates: November […]

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We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest

“How do we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?”

Our Rise from Rubble ritual started inside the Church Center for the United Nations yesterday with this sad song, words from the Psalms, just as resonant now as they must have been then for the exiled Judean poet on the banks of the rivers of Babylon.

How do we translate our legacy of loss and longing, so much Jewish suffering condensed into one fast day, to a global group of humans seeking ways to fix the broken pieces of our world? 

Lab/Shul took a risk this year and adapted the fast of the Ninth of Av to the rubble of our larger reality – Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ teens, Islamphobia and domestic abuse, political violence and strife. All are temples shattered, rub

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Brothers on the Border – Two Lau rabbis, Shared Interview. Makor Rishon, 7/29/2016

Rabbi Benny Lau, one of Israel’s leading Modern Orthodox leaders, sits for a shared interview with his younger brother, the newly ordained Conservative Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie. They share similar concerns, different challenges, and very different perspectives on some of the hottest topics and challenges facing modern Jewry. The interview, by Zvika Klein, is in Makor Rishon, one of Israel’s leading newspapers widely read in Orthodox circles.

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