40 Love Letters to Life: WHY I PREPENT

Your doctor just called. The procedure is set for 40 days from today. Chances of success are not high. Plan for the worse. How will each day count and matter?

Your lawyer says the court date is set. 40 days from now. Prepare everything and be ready to defend your life. Chances are good but you got to work on it. Go.

Your fiancee found the perfect place for your wedding. Just 40 days away. So much to get done. Let folks know. Choose a diet.

Your rabbi writes a blog, tells you, “In 40 days we will be standing together in the presence of what’s most sacred to our lives.” How will we get ready – body, mind, and soul?

Yesterday, sitting in a busy restaurant in San Fra

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We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest

“How do we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?”

Our Rise from Rubble ritual started inside the Church Center for the United Nations yesterday with this sad song, words from the Psalms, just as resonant now as they must have been then for the exiled Judean poet on the banks of the rivers of Babylon.

How do we translate our legacy of loss and longing, so much Jewish suffering condensed into one fast day, to a global group of humans seeking ways to fix the broken pieces of our world? 

Lab/Shul took a risk this year and adapted the fast of the Ninth of Av to the rubble of our larger reality – Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ teens, Islamphobia and domestic abuse, political violence and strife. All are temples shattered, rub

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