We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest

“How do we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?”

Our Rise from Rubble ritual started inside the Church Center for the United Nations yesterday with this sad song, words from the Psalms, just as resonant now as they must have been then for the exiled Judean poet on the banks of the rivers of Babylon.

How do we translate our legacy of loss and longing, so much Jewish suffering condensed into one fast day, to a global group of humans seeking ways to fix the broken pieces of our world? 

Lab/Shul took a risk this year and adapted the fast of the Ninth of Av to the rubble of our larger reality – Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ teens, Islamphobia and domestic abuse, political violence and strife. All are temples shattered, rub

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That Big But:Builds or Burns Bridges? Word 34.

WORD: A Word a Week from the World’s Best Seller. Follow the Annual Torah Re-Run Series with Amichai Lau-Lavie’s Newest Year-Long Blog. To subscribe via email click here. To listen to the audio version click here.   play But אפס In the heat of the argument, raw emotions, everybody trying to be very polite and […]

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Two People, One Talit: Protest at the Wall

 SCROLL DOWN FOR ENGLISH . שנים אוחזין בטלית .בראש חודש אייר האחרון לא עצרו אותנו הבוקר ברחבת הכותל     הצטרפה אלי נעמה, חברה ללימודי הרבנות, ועמדנו  יחד ברחבת המבקרים, טלית אחת פרושה על שנינו, סידור אחד וכוונה אחת לתפילת אמת ושלום במקום הזה שכה מעורבבים בו קודש וחילול למה? כבר ראשי חודש רבים שנינו באים […]

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